Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women are the ones that shape the family. They are the foundation, the reflection of strength that keeps the bond of the family together. However, there are instances when women go through a lot of hardships. They face economic difficulties that make it harder to support a family or create means of living.

Therefore women should get empowered to create a sustainable living for themselves, create a strong foundation, and financially support their families with or without a male figure in their lives. Nitya Foundation works diligently on the mission of uplifting women from all walks of life by giving them vocational training to upskill themselves.

At Nitya Foundation, we create opportunities for women empowerment and make them self-reliant and financially independent by providing vocational training that allows women to start their own businesses or work for someone else. The Cutting & Tailoring Training Centre by Nitya Foundation focuses on providing basic tailoring skills to enable women to work from home and earn while carrying on with their roles.

The course is basically around embroidery, arts and designing skills, cutting and sewing, where women associated with the project can hone their skills and take it to the next level of creativity. Women also get to upskill on the art of interior designing and create wonderful living spaces. There's no age bar on general life skills that enable the women to create a unique identity and take a step further to the progressive movement of change.

Nitya Foundation

Nitya Foundation also aims at training the women on beautician courses that encourage the underprivileged women to build their own small businesses that are easily operable from their homes. Even at times of the pandemic, Nitya Foundation consistently worked to provide opportunities to get a source of income.

Nitya Foundation has dedicated training centres in three states: Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Our team, which has an office in Delhi, works tirelessly to spread the noble cause throughout India.

We have already trained over 200 women in Ajmer, Rajasthan, and we plan to train over 1000 women in the coming year. In collaboration with Singer India Limited and the Skill Council of India, our training centres are also dedicated to providing training for a batch of 25 women.

We hope to empower and encourage more women to pursue long-term careers through our dedicated efforts and your support! Please consider donating to our women's empowerment programs.